This page is for notes from Open Space #3 in Salon C.

Conveners, you (or your designee) should update your wiki page with:
  • Video Process and Posting / Session 3 / Wednesday, July 27, 2011
  • Art Jessen / Justin Malvin

Tools discussed:
  1. handbrake -
  2. mpeg streamclip -
  3. Mac and Windows video tools by Amerisoft:

Process suggestions:
  1. use school resources for video creation / input
  2. teacher and students shooting and storing on a server can make workflow more efficient
  3. upload a lower resolution file to brightcove may be more efficient without loosing quality -- test different video camers to see the best settings for each
  4. use a short clip to see the quality before you upload the final project.
  5. Make sure you add a title name so you don't see the cryptic brightcove file name on the video.
Create a category called "processing" to upload your videos to. When they are done processing then you can move them to appropriate categories.

Other "Stuff"
  1. Brightcove:
  2. Great HD example from St. Lukes, Canon 5D, produces .MOV files assembled by iMove and uploaded to WH / Brightcove.


Etherpad for Processing/Posting Video Faster: