This page is for notes from Open Space #2 in Hawthorne.

Conveners, you (or your designee) should update your wiki page with:
  • title of your session
  • covener name
  • names of the participants
  • and a high-level summary and sharing of resources


Optimizing Admissions - ideas
How to make pages more active & interesting for admissions?
- viewbook online (turnpage)
- virtual tour - chronoligical progression of renovations
- break out admissions by divisions (photo's and quick information)
- open house / registration module to track
- facebook landing page for admissions - count hits on URL page (clear metrics)
- campaign (thanks for visiting)
- candidate portal's (understanding goals)
- tag on event registrations & tie back to school events
- about 7-8 months from inquiry to checklist to complete beginning and end
How to use online enrollment and do right the first time?
- don't try to make it what it isn't
- map terminology of current and system
- go over checklists with everyone to keep consistent
- 4 main messages (global focus, 21st cent, world of opps, resources)
- focus on WHY this school (include FAQ, events, etc.)
- 'simplicity' is key
- keep photo's
How to better convert to enrollment using WH tools?
- live stream open houses
- twitter accounts
- facebook with admissions? ideas
- what level of information to share? parent based or student base - shift is with parent but considering more student (video based emulate actual tour) document
- 4 1-min videos focused on 4 main messages (interview students & get photos)
example saint andrews, upper canada college ("i believe") - video sample
Ideas to engage admissions directors and how to use admissions module?
Share pitfalls with Admissions module
Where in the process do you recommend giving username/password info to inquiries?
After filling out inquiry form and a couple of more steps
Renee Roux -
Kate Dworkoski -