NOTIFICATIONS: Using Fully and Encouraging Signup - Lisa

Lisa Taylor: Berkeley Hall School, Los Angeles
Jessica Cady, WhippleHill

One of the problems is that the URL to go to the full announcement is not in the notifications – that is frustrating parents

Best Practices:
Design a naming convention to be followed by teachers and staff that indicates who/where the notification is coming from so that parents know where to go to get the full info
If possible - put all the information you'd like to communicate in the title
MUST fill in the author
The group it came from important to put in the subject

The most well received notifications are the ones that include the information and don’t ask the parents to go find the information
The parents can always go to the announcement category to see the history if they missed it

Make it private from the beginning – you can’t change it once you’ve sent one

Decide: What is an announcement?? Get all the teachers on the same page.
Have a guide for teachers and staff to follow

Some ideas of notifications that work well:
Weather alerts
School closings
Sports changes or scores
Announcements that are quick and time sensitive

Wish List:
It would be nice to be able to group subscription lists
Naming subscription lists – naming options is the weakest point

One place to go to manage which lists they’ve been put on
Go to my notifications to de-select which lists you want to subscribe to

Is there a way to unsubscribe the grad parents based on grad year?

Define a query to get a list of people

There was a suggestion to have WH make subscribe be the default and unsubscribe be the parents’ choice

Have WH gather all the Jing videos that really work well and make them available to all the schools as models or to use

Having the pushpage subscription lists present on my notifications page is confusing to end users so it’s important to create “private” subscription lists from the very beginning or to name subscription lists appropriately to reduce the confusion.

Actual content in notifications works best with notification that directs constituents directly to the message (WH needs to re-instate links in notifications)

Notifications for athletic changes is the best place to start. Game changes, rain outs, etc. get parents need to know information immediately and gets them used to the idea of notifications.

Creating instructions for parents
Short jing videos seem to work better for parents than written instructions

Link to resource (sample video)