This page is for notes from Open Space #1 in Salon C.

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  • Leveraging Google Apps for Ed with SSO
  • Jill Judd and Hiram Cuevas
  • names of the participants

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Etherpad Notes:

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Google Apps - Communication vs Collaboration
Capability to post video to Google Apps, cync calendars with MS Exchange
Auto provisioning - uses the e-mail address in the user profile as the google apps account name
Hiram only provides access to Docs, Sites, - not gmail
To view student accounts - impersonate student migh be available now
Vinny ? a good resource Vinny Vrotny at North Shore Country Day (i think)
Default is 200 users/school - have to apply for additional accounts (limit 3500)

Username format - parents/alums who are or become employees - format may differ from in-house e-mail

Use iGoogle as a portal option for teachrs, disable for students due to 'mature themes"

When students graduate or leave the school - they can transfer their docs to their own google accounts

My understanding is that user's are created with their WH login - which is not their email - with auto-provisioning I think this may cause me trouble.. anyone else have experience on this?

What if there is no email account for the student - our grades 1-6 do not have e-mail addresses
Create dummy e-mail addresses for the younger students


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