Video Editing Level 2

Open Space #1 Salon B


  • Hans Mundahl
  • Justin Malvin



  • What to do with too much video content
  • Best practices
    • Length of time
    • Lean forward / lean back
    • Storyboard
    • ‘Distributed content model’
  • Compression / quality
  • Tools to use
  • Brightcove
    • Process instructions for how to get best picure on the web
    • Compression settings
    • Export size
    • Processing
    • See session later in the conference
  • Livestreaming
    • This is something we forgot to talk about, but by live streaming events you can actually get completely out of doing any post production on the video! It can often (depending on the host) be stored and replayed. Great time saver! And there is also a session on this later.