This page is for notes from Open Space #1 in Hawthorne.
Mobile platform - Deanna Ferrante (
Use of filter function on the news. How do you parse news into separate categories?
have multiple news categories?
multiple buttons for multiple news categories
need to be able to filter on an administrative level
need to be able to have links stay on mobile
use of qr codes has to take user to new, fresh information
is anyone having people sign in to new mobile?
Yes, the response has been positive
Top news story is how to set up notifications and sign in, w/instructions on how to bookmark (Laura)
available at sign in - groups/contacts/directory
added links to software that kids are encouraged to use
anyone have an iphone app? would be tough given competition w/android - html based mobile was good decision
Laura: custom design an additional quarterly newsletter for parents who indicated they preferred mobile version
button on mobile site "latest parent newsletter" that links to url of pushpage. but having trouble formatting for mobile.
Art Jessen (North Shore Country day): has mobile version of pushpage
Jackie: Do you think the new version of mobile is geared toward admissions committee or is it more geared toward internal/current community?
generally, focused on internal community with info on mobile site for prospectives/external audience
event registration
mobile platforms that aren't whipple hill?
blogspot is good option for formatting information that displays well on mobile
omniture/site catalyst - can see mobile usage?
Deanna: would like to do an automated pushpage to send our daily newsletter
Internal attendance, athletic schedule other things that would be useful in mobile
photos on newer version are great
Jackie: announcements about mobile at 4:00 - next wave
Deanna: turnpage is what we use to put our publications online/mobile - (viewbook)
app idea - student voting system
how to keep WH cool to teachers
mobile would be a great way to bring teachers
other classroom tools? Stratalogica
SSO!! Laura - students have to sign on to website in order to get to their email. Problem: SSO does not accommodate incoming students or alumni so they can not use school email
United Streaming - educational reference video/audio, etc. both students and teachers can access with school subscription. Would be great on mobile
Apps for teachers: way for students to upload from ipad to dropbox. No file storage system on ipad.
shift with mobile esp on apple side, they are trying to kill off file systems b/c they think they're antiquated. Every system though, is still built around them, so we're in stage where we need work arounds right now.
like mobile, need to think differently about how to use it.
How are school policies are keeping up w/ technology. Is it no longer realistic to not allow phones in classroom. useful/distracting. Phones not allowed >phones allowed but not to be used>phones allowed and should be used.
lots of real issues re: distraction, but doesn't take away from mobile app b/c all of the time they are out of the classroom they can use mobile to do/access school work/stuff.
cool apps will attract students/teachers/coaches
ustream has free mobile app
medical forms: magnus health - huge bonus for coaches/trips to be able to access - also gives them incentive to put in scores while they are in there.

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