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Notes from etherpad:

Open Space 1 - Doing More with the Same Resources
  • find owners in division areas - start populating content
  • define clear roles & responsibilities by area to better set expecations
  • how to get departments to own & agree? combination of top down and collaborative approach / proving incentive to post items areas are often asked about
  • having regular "sell in" meetings with content owners
  • Owners need to understand the "why" it is important to keep information updated
  • How to keep a consistent look and feel? Nothing on the external site is touched by anyone else. Password-protected pages are delegated to the appropriate division/group - division pages, separate portal pages, student councils, parent organizations, etc. Asked content editors not to post in large red font, etc.
  • Pace has community groups for each grade; grade representative sends out pushpages for these groups
  • Find the right personality of people in your staff to help out with content and keep style consistent.
  • Scheduled content changes help manage flow
  • Think about changes with the communcation goal in mind. What do you want to have happen? This helps filter necessary and impactful changes, and helps people understand why we're saying yes or no.
  • Create templates - templates are submitted to the content manager; content not in template is not even considered
  • Create a style guide for all communications - everything from logo use or do we say "Collegiate School" or "The Collegiate School"? Handed this guide to admins.
  • Share your style guide with WhippleHill
  • People are not reading what you're putting on your front end pages. They're spending seconds on them. Create the first page of each section a landing page, and focus efforts on one page per section.
  • If no one can find anything you've lost them. Prospective parents will give up.
  • Utiilze media on the front end to allow users to remain on pages longer
  • * Simplify*
  • Use summer to refresh nuts & bolts content
  • Is there a benefit to having a good cop/bad cop approach to managing content?
  • Repost news in other parts of the site so that it looks like there's a lot going on at the school. That also helps people find photos, video and stories on topics that interests them.

Thanks to all for a great session!! =)